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Special Forces Training School

A need to reorganize the PARA Commando Battalions was felt as the existing ones were only a tougher version of the infantry. On 15 July 1987 the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) gave his approval for creation of HQ Special Forces and for raising Special Forces Training Wing (SFTW) to cater for course of specialist nature specific to Special Forces which were neither available nor feasible in other schools of instructions. The complete process was delayed due to deployment off all the three commando battalions under an Adhoc Headquarters for OPERATION PAWAN - SRILANKA.

Progressive Development of School

  • Raised as Part of Headquarters Special Forces. Special Forces School was raised as part of Headquarters Special Forces of War Establishment. The raising was part of up gradation of our Parachute Commando Battalions to the more versatile Special Forces capable of executing a wide variety of strategic and operational tasks, Both overt and covert, in war and low intensity conflict situations.
  • Re -Organization in 1997-98. in December 1997, Special Forces School was reorganized and redesignated as Special Forces Training wing.
  • Restructuring in 2003. In January 2003, Army Headquarter Military Operation Directorate, approved the restructuring of Special Forces Training Wing to overcome the drawback in its erstwhile organization.
  • Redefinition. As part of the major policy decisions approved by the COAS, Special Forces Training wing was redesign Ted as Special Forces Training School, as a Cat 'A' Training Establishment for Special Forces.


  • SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING SCHOOL is a centre of excellence for Special Forces troops for basic and advanced training.
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