• Central Command AWWA is registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 (Punjab Govt Act 1957) as extended to Union Territory of India since 1975. The involvement and commitment of Central Command AWWA encompasses:-

• 75 cantonments and military stations in 7 States of India.
• Large density of population of serving soldiers and ESM especially in UP, Uttrakhand and Bihar.
• Presence of large number of Veer Naris and widows.

• In Central Command, AWWA reflects our genuine commitment to spread light in the lives of all families through education, good health and empowerment. Thus, the AWWA fraternity in Central Command has been working towards:-

• Empowerment of Veer Naris.
• Good health for all.
• Education for all.
• Improvement in quality of life.
• Care for families in FAFA.

• The past few years have witnessed Central Command AWWA growing, rejuvenating and progressing in a very planned and systematic manner. It has achieved many milestones and objectives. The success of running and implementing old and new AWWA ventures and conduct of various activities have been possible due to wholehearted support rendered by motivated team of volunteers.




• Our aim is to jointly provide unflinching and everlasting support to families of our serving and retired persons, and Veer Naris, as they ‘Aspire, Seek and Attain’, in the fields of education, skill acquisition and health care.