western command today adventure and sports

Adventure activities are the most visible facet of the Army and form an important part of training. Western Command is blessed with numerous Mountain peaks and trekking trails which offer exciting prospects for trekking and mountaineering expedition. Kullu Valley, Lahul and Spiti Valley and Manali offer some of the most scenic and best trekking spots where trekkers from all over the world home in to conduct expeditions. Besides, Manali is also a hot spot for adventure activities which draw tourists in droves. All activities are carried out under guidelines issued by Army Adventure Wing.

Adventure Nodes in Western Command

Presently there are six parasailing nodes and one Scuba Diving Node in Western command. The Parasailing Nodes are located at the followinf places:

(a) Ambala.
(b) Patiala.
(c) Dehradun.
(d) Meerut.
(e) Chandimandir.
(f) Ferozepur.

The Scuba Diving Node is located at Nahan where initial training is carried out. The Scuba Diving course is conducted at Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Units and formations are encouraged to undertake adventure expeditions in land, water (aqua) and air. All adventure activities are sponsored by Army Adventure Wing. Mountaineering expeditions are led by officers who have qualified in advanced mountaineering courses.



Expedition team of PARA SF successfully scaled Mount Bhagirathi on 24 May 12.


GUARDS successfully conducted a trekking expedition to KONGMARULA in Leh from 05 to 15 July 13.


Mechanised Infantry Regiment conducted a trekking-cum-cycling expedition comprising of cycling from Yol to Manali & back and trekking from Darcha to the Shingo La from 04 Sep to 20 Sep 2013.

EXPEDITION TO DHAKA GLACIER BY DOGRA SCOUTS. DOGRA SCOUTS successfully carried out an expedition to DHAKA GLACIER from 16 Aug to 05 Sep 13 to recover mortal remains of deceased soldiers on board the IAF- AN 12 aircraft that crashed in Dhaka Glacier on 07 Feb 1968. The team braved the extreme cold weather and precipitous terrain to carry out the expedition. The search operations was carried out over a period of ten days during which the team recovered mortal remains of Havaldar Jagmal Singh and belongings of other deceased soldiers. The mortal remains of Havaldar Jagmal Singh were handed over to his relatives for last rites with full military honours.


Adventure and Sports

Adventure Activities Undertaken. A trekking expedition from Kiato to Poh was undertaken by a team of 02 x Offr’s, 02 x JCOs and 15 x OR in addn to the adm staff from 21 Aug 17 to 03 Oct 17. The expedition was flagged off by Brig MS Yarnal, Cdr 616 (I) AD Bde and flagged in by Lt Gen AK Sahgal, VSM, DG Army AD on 04 Oct 17 at unit loc.

Winter Survival Trg. Adventurous activities, winter sports and expeditions are conducted during the winter season. Team of various formations participated in the events. The activities hone the skills of young soldiers for operations, adventures and mountaineering skills.