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Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE), Nepal

Annual Dialogue: Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Issues in South Asia

Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars (WWICS), US

The Indian and  American Experience with Conflict Resolution

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS), Bangladesh

Key Challenges of Radicalisation : Perspective from India and Bangladesh

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Drone Policy: Formulation, Promulgation and Implementation Brig Akhelesh Bhargava, CI PROMEX
Pakistan’s priority: Pakistani Awaam or Kashmir-obsession? Tejusvi Shukla, Research Assistant CLAWS
People, Politics, Propaganda – The Way Ahead in J&K Kanchana Ramanujam , Research Assistant, CLAWS
China at 70: Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones Dr. Amrita Jash, Research Fellow CLAWS
Indian Army and Human Rights  Anashwara Ashok, Research Assistant, CLAWS
Assam Rifles, A Reality Check Maj Gen (Dr) PK Chakravorty, Senior Fellow (Veteran), CLAWS
Reinventing Border Management: Drone Threat in Border Areas Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, Distinguished Fellow CLAWS
Emerging Technologies: Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems Anashwara Ashok, Research Assistant CLAWS
Retaliation As Response To Terrorist Attacks India’s New Normal Col Samir Srivastava
Strategic Bankruptcy Of Pakistan Col Harsh Vardhan Singh
Pakistan's Re-calibrated Options post the developments in J&K
UAE's Reaction to India's Abrogation of Article 370: Investments in Mind?
Back- Channels and the Fallacy of Choreographed Response Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, Distinguished Fellow CLAWS
China's Defence White Paper, 2019
‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’: Evolution of Israeli Hybrid Warfare Dr Manjari Singh, Associate fellow CLAWS
Changed Environment in Jammu and Kashmir: Jettisoning Clichés Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, Distinguished fellow CLAWS
EMISAT: A Force Multiplier Brig Akhelesh Bhargava, CI PROMEX
Pakistan and Middle East: An (Un)Holy Embrace Col Harsh Vardhan Singh
5G Mobile Technology, Huawei and India Brig Akhelesh Bhargava, CI PROMEX
Tibet Military Command: People's Liberation Army's combat Role in High Altitude Dr. Amrita Jash, Associate Fellow CLAWS
Afghanistan: Conundrum for India Col Harsh Vardhan Singh 
Weaving a Space Doctrine Brig Akhelesh Bhargava, CI PROMEX
Indian Army Officership – A Calling, A Job or A Career Lt. Gen Rakesh Sharma, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, (Retd)
Maj Akshat Upadhyay
India’s Transformational Role Towards its Near Neighbours Dr Manjari Singh
China seeks to “Informationisation” to Fight Modern Warfare Dr Amrita Jash
Constitutional Coup d’etat: Pakistan Dr Jyoti M Pathania
The Expanding Domains of War Ms Kanchana Ramanujam
Col Rajeev Kapoor
Sri Lanka’s Easter Bombings: Lessons For The Region Col Anuraag Singh Rawat, SM
India’s Neighbourhood First Policy- Has BIMSTEC Become a Priority? Mr Vishakh K V
Golden Triangle:Challenges to India’s National Security Ms Anashwara Ashok