1.  DRDO – Army Bio-diesel project at Military Farm Mhow has been est with the objective to standardize the Agro packages of practices of Jatropha in the tropical climatic condtions of Mhow. A Biodiesel park in 100 hectare land of Military Farm, Mhow at Harsola has been established, with an aim to blend 20% of Biodiesel in normal diesel used by Army. Presently 1.16 lakh Jatropha plants have been grown at Mil Farm Mhow and seed production has started now.

2. Jatropha is a deciduous soft wooded multipurpose small shrub which exudes whitish colored watery latex when cut. One fruit bear 3 seeds. The normal size of the seed is 17-20 mm and total no of seeds in 12 kgs is 1200-1400. To get higher yield yellow fruits are harvested, sun dried and stored in gunny bags.

3. Defence Institute of Bio-energy Research (DIBER) (DRDO) has identified Mhow to be a suitable place for cultivation of Jatropha a potential Biodiesel crop in tropical climatic. Expected Jatropha seed production during 2012 will be around 24 tons at MF Mhow.

4. In future it is targeted that 20% blending of Biodesel for Indian Army is made successful.