The Gorkha Rest House popularly known as Gorkha Sainik Dharmshala was constr in 1928 by the Indian Expeditionary Force out of Canteen Fund profit. This facility was exclusively for the Gorkha soldiers and their dependents.

Till 1987, the mgt of the Gorkha Sainik Dharmshala was with Gorkha Rtg Depot, Kunraghat. Pursuant to dirn of the President, Gorkha Bde in Aug 1987, the resp of mgt of Gorkha Sainik Dharamshala was vested with 11 GRRC. In 2010, the name of the facility was changed to Gorkha Sainik Aramgah.

Lucknow remains a popular destination for Gorkhas and their dependents due to geographical factor (vicinity to Nepal), med facilities and being a maj edn hub. In fact no other Gorkha Trg Centre is loc next to a Comd Hosp. The Aramgah is also used by potential rects who have been declared med unfit during screening or referred to Comd hosp by the med board. Apropos, no maj change to its status pertaining to exclusive use of Gorkha soldiers and their dependents is recommended which is also in consonance with the very purpose for which the ibid facility was created.

Facilities. Gorkha Sainik Aramgah provides fwg facilities :-

Room Charges.

S No





One double bed room for Offrs


Rs. 200/- per day per offr


Double bed room for JCOs


Rs. 120/- per day per JCO


Double bed room for OR


Rs. 80/- per day per indl


Single bed room for OR (Dormitory)


Rs. 20/- per day per indl

Meal Charges.

Lunch & Dinner - (Veg - Rs 50/- per plate & Non Veg - Rs 90/- per plate).