Join as an Officer


Age - 18 to 42 years
Education - Graduation


(1) Gainfully employed candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria can apply in response to advertisements published in leading national newspaper & The Employment News in June – July and December – January each year. Applications are to be sent to the concerned TA Group Headquarters. After processing of applications, the eligible candidates are called for Preliminary Interview Boards held at respective TA Group Headquarters (Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow). Selected candidates go through the SSB Interview, Medical Board & Police Verification. The successful candidates are granted commission by the President of India.

(2) Ex - Defence service officers may also join the TA. The required to apply directly to Additional Directorate General of Territorial Army and appear before the Board of Officers presided by the Additional Director General of Territorial Army at New Delhi . Selected Officers are to be cleared by the Medical Boards before the officer’s ar granted commission in the TA. All such officers are given the credit of their previous commissioned service on joning the Territorial Army.