Date: 28 Jul 2014




General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC


1. As I hand over the command of our Army, which is one of the finest institutions of our country, I look back at four decades with immense pride and satisfaction. It has been an honour and proud privilege for me to head this magnificent organization of disciplined, dedicated, competent and brave warriors. I have undertaken this journey, not alone, but as one of the many soldiers in uniform, who with utter disregard to personal comforts and safety, constantly strive to fulfil their duties with unflinching commitment to uphold the confidence and faith reposed in them by the Nation.

2. On taking over the reins of the Indian Army, I had laid down certain key thrust areas to focus on. These formed the foundation of my comprehensive approach to building an Army that remains a potent, responsive, accountable & relevant instrument of National Power.

3. Maintaining & enhancing the operational readiness to enable effective fulfilment of our constitutional obligations was my single most important goal. The Indian Army continues to conduct effective intelligence based people friendly operations in Jammu & Kashmir & the North East to provide secure conditions while maintaining a high state of operational preparedness along the borders. More often than not, the first responder to a national crisis, our Army’s professionalism was aptly demonstrated during the Uttarakhand tragedy.
4. Another critical challenge before us was that of Force Modernisation & Capability Development. Technology has changed the nature & character of future wars & we need to induct modern capabilities to remain relevant. To overcome the slow progress in pursuing acquisitions projects, we have attempted to refine procedures & make them more effective. I have no doubts that the results will begin to unfold in a time bound manner and will be there for all to see.

5. It was my endeavour to bring in greater transparency & accountability in all our policies & procedures. Financial probity is integral to maintaining & preserving our core values which form the basic edifice of our strength & structure and this has been one of my foremost priorities.

6. Our soldiers remain our most precious resource. A review of our Human Resource policies has been effected to fulfil the aspirations of the officers & soldiers as also the requirements of the organisation. In keeping with the aspirations of our women officers, a policy has been evolved to enhance their career prospects & provide them greater opportunities. Steps on implementing certain changes are on the anvil.

7. Overall my focus was to bring about an organisational wellness that permeates the rank & file of the Indian Army. The high levels of motivation & morale demonstrated by our officers, JCOs and soldiers is testimony that our Army is fully prepared to take on present & future challenges with élan & professionalism.

8. Our Veterans, Veer Naris & Widows have made tremendous sacrifices and are our strength; it is our duty to look after their well being. It has been my aim to further integrate them & strengthen their sense of belongingness to the larger fraternity of our Army. A number of schemes have been announced and more are underway. I have also interacted with members of several business houses & I am sanguine that this will open up more opportunities for our talented pool of retiring personnel who have so much more to offer to our Nation.

9. In the end, I also take this opportunity to salute those bravehearts who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty as also those who suffered grave injuries while upholding India’s Honour and Security. Their sacrifices have been the benchmarks of professionalism & devotion to duty, & an inspiration for each one of us.

10. It is my firm belief that ‘there is no abiding success without commitment’ and I must unreservedly give the credit for all that the Army has achieved during my tenure to our officers and soldiers who ask so little and give their all, who know the Indian Army cannot fail for it is the ultimate weapon, the final hope –the instrument of last resort. I am proud and privileged to have led an Army as resolute and as versatile as ours and will remain indebted to the Almighty till my last breath.

11. I hand over the reins of the Indian Army to Gen Dalbir Singh, an outstanding professional with impeccable qualities of head and heart, I have no doubt that he will lead our beloved Indian Army to even higher pinnacles of glory.

12. Finally, it is with a sense of deep gratitude, contentment and nostalgia that I bid farewell to the organisation, which has been my temple & home for the past 42 years. Over the years my identity has got irrevocably entwined with this organisation and I have not imagined a life away from it. Even though not in uniform, I shall remain a soldier at heart and will continue to serve the Nation in whatever humble way I can.

13. I wish our great Indian Army – “Har Maidan Fateh”.


Jai Hind!