Date: 20 Nov 2014


Gen Dalbir Singh, COAS paid homage to our heroes of Rezang La. A wreath on behalf of COAS and All Ranks of the Indian Army was laid at Rezang La War Memorial, Chushul on 18 Nov 14.

To commemorate the epic battle at Rezang La, the Chief greeted the Warriors of the ‘battle’ along with their families. These brave soldiers were later felicitated at the Rezang La War Memorial, Chushul by Maj Gen A S Bedi, GOC Trishul Division.



In the annals of modern warfare the Battle of Rezangla fought on the icy heights of Chushul by 13 KUMAON remains unparalleled.

‘C’ Company 13 KUMAON fought last man last round during the Battle of Rezangla wherein 114 of the 120 gallant Kumaonis laid down their lives in protecting the motherland. Major Shaitan Singh, PVC(P) earned the highest gallantry award for his exemplary display of raw courage. More than thousand Chinese soldiers were killed by the valiant action of the Kumaonis.

In a unique gesture the Govt of India permitted 13 KUMAON to rename the new ‘C’ Company as ‘Rezangla’ company. It is the only Rifle Company of the Indian Army to have a name designated by a Battle Honour earned by the company. Incidentally all Rifle companies are designated as A,B,C and D Company.