Date: 23 Mar 2015



Hon'ble Minister of External Affairs & Overseas Indian Affairs, Shrimati Sushma Swaraj Ji, Excellencies, Foreign Secretary, Lt. General Philip Campose, Vice Chief of the Army Staff Senior Officer of Armed Forces & Ministry of External Affairs Ladies & Gentlemen

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the distinguished guests representing the international community in India to this Centenary Commemorative Exhibition organized in memory of our brave Indian soldiers who fought in various battle fields in Europe, Africa and Asia during the First World War. We are deeply honoured.

The centenary of the First World War is an important landmark in the world history from which every nation should of peace and harmony. This occasion reminds the world community of the immense loss of peace, lives and material that was made during the war. No price is greater in this world when compared to the price that the world had to pay during this war- "Nearly an entire Generation of Young Men sacrificed Across the World." It is a matter of pride that Indian soldiers played an important role in various theatres of the First World War and were instrumental in affecting the outcome of the conflict. During the War, Indian soldier carved a niche for themselves by their outstanding loyalty, courage and selfless service. Their courageous actions on the battlefields established a sense of mutual respect and strong bond of camaraderie with the soldiers of various nationalities, which brought the concept of India closer to World. It was for such fine soldierly attributes that by the end of the Great War the Indian Soldiers were decorated with 11 Victoria Crosses, 5 Military Crosses and 9800 other awards.

Ladies & Gentleman, this commemorative exhibition promises to take one back to the First World War Era showcasing the living conditions of the Indian Soldiers endured for years during the War and also this exhibition gives us an opportunity to respect and honour all those young man irrespective of their nationalities who laid down their lives in this Great War.